DW Clark Drainage have been carrying out the construction and drainage  of sportsfields for over 20 years.


The correct installation of primary and secondary drainage systems along with ongoing maintenance are essential for good sports surfaces especially with winter sports fields as these tend to get the hardest use during the worst times of year.


DW Clark can assist in keeping your pitches playable with our extensive knowledge and expertise to suit all budgets and club sizes whether it’s a complete drainage system or just overseeding.



Above Left : Installation of a primary drainage scheme around the cross country course at Cheltenham Racecourse.


Above Right: Installation of primary drainage on a brownfield pitches at Biddenham near Bedford.  This scheme was installed prior to final levelingcultivations and seed bed preparations.




Above: Installation of secondary drainage sand slits at Walsall FC training ground using our BLEC Sand slitter and one of our purpose built side delivery hoppers.  Carrying out works such as this is essential to maintain a good playing surface.  Not only does it aid percolation of surface water to the primary drainage but also aids root growth and aeration due to the breaking  up of the subsoil.