DW Clark have been installing landfill gas pipelines for over 20 years.  We started at the infancy of the industry when concrete rings, single and twin wall polypropylene pipes were being used.  A lot of the sites we work on today are the ones we started on all that time ago, only the industry has moved on and so have DW Clark Drainage.  MDPE pipes are now used, these are welded using either Butt Fusion or Electro Fusion fittings. 

Once the gas wells has been drilled we step in to install the pipework from the well casing to the final connections before the gas generation engines.  We are proud to say we do it all.  Knock out pots to remove water from the gas and prevent engine shutdowns,  manifolds to control where the gas is being taken from the site, suction pump installation and maintenance, we can even check the depths of liquid in the well for you and in the most extreme circumstances we can carry out all these operations using breathing apparatus.


Above: Welding of 450mm Ø MDPE mains gas pipe prior to installation at a site near Pershore in Worcestershire.  For this operation we had to hire in specialist large diameter  Butt Fusion welding equipment.  Our staff are fully trained and certified to use both Butt Fusion and Electro Fusion Equipment.



Below: Preparing to drill a 6 metre deep Augered Pin Well.  Once the well has been drilled the well casing is installed followed by a non-calcareous gravel backfill which is then sealed with a clay compound call Bentonite