DW  Clark started back in 1965 when pipes were 18" long, 4" diameter and made of clay.  They were laid by hand from the back of a trenching machine and it was ferociously hard work.

Since those earlier times, DW Clark has progressed along with modern techniques and machinery.  The basic methods are the same but we now utilise continuous chain trenchers which excavate the trench to a width to suit the pipe and then lays the pipe all in one pass.

All of our trenching equipment is fitted with laser grading to maintain falls even on undulating terrain.

Back-filling of the trench is then completed by our purpose built side delivery gravel trailers via a delivery hopper directly above the pipe.

All this combined achieves perfectly laid drainage pipe in a single pass operation, leaving the field ready for normal cultivations.


Above: BT 6  continuous chain trencher lay 80mm diameter perforated with with gravel karts ready to backfill with 40mm clean stone.

We have the machinery, labour and expertise to assist with all your drainage needs or problems whether it be a full scale drainage scheme or simple "wet spotting".  

We can tailor each scheme to suit the available budgets and advise the best course of action to achieve the best results.


Above: Laser level keeping trencher on gradient

Right: Installation of a wet spot drain to be connected into an existing  drainage system